This is a solo piece for Piccolo for my composition class in my undergrad. I was lucky to get the school’s best Piccolo player to record it for me. This piece is meant to roughly emulate the style of an 18th century French Overture, with two major sections, a slower introductory section followed by a faster section. You can read along with the score here

This is my final project for Composition I class during my undergraduate studies with my excellent professor of composition at OCU, Jamie Wind Whitmarsh. I wrote a string quartet called Der Einstieger which is meant to loosely emulate the Viennese classicism of Haydn and Mozart, with a little bit of Beethoven fury mixed in as well as some experimental music theory concepts added just because. This was my most ambitious undergraduate project and I remain very happy with the results. You can grab the score here

In composition class we were tasked to write music based on “chance”, also known as Aleatoric music. I wrote a small visual C# program that randomly combined different melodic figures based on the real-time weather data in any city in the world based on your choosing. The software pulled the XML weather data from and based the random seed from the current conditions of said location in degrees celsius. Each city in the world resulted in a unique piece of music. This was a fun project that I would file under “cool elaborate gimmicks to do, just because we can.”

This is a piece for Violin and Piano that I wrote in my theory III class during my undergrad. The assignment requirements included writing the piece in a ternary format as well as the use of specific harmonies such as the Neapolitan bII6 chord. There was a class competition and I won for my class. This piece is inspired by the music of both Mozart and Beethoven, and I wrote it in dedication to my favorite violin teacher. You can check out the score here

At Eastman during my master’s degree, I took 18th century counterpoint with the distinguished professor Matthew Brown. We were tasked with writing a three-part invention. This was during the Covid-19 lockdown, and since my apartment was across the street from the church bell tower, I decided to use the tail motive from the Westminster Quarters tune that played on the full hour. This three-phrase invention ends with a pedal written using the instructions provided by C.P.E. Bach in his Versuch ├╝ber die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen in 1753. You can download the score here

I wrote original music to the poem “Because I liked you” by Alfred Edward Housman. I felt inspired to write this after experiencing a little bit of heartbreak, and I think the results speak for themselves. The song is scored for mezzo-soprano, harp, vibraphone and bassoon. You can download the score here.